Embedded Tag is offering the opportunity to pre-order the first release of a new technology that offers you the chance to become part of a game in life.

We call it HYPERWORLD!

Update 3

A DTGHI ( Data Table Graphical Human Interface) application based on an individual human-centric philosophy for the Evotional Era with real-time technology connected collectively and switches with a gesture hot key between a terminal-audiovisual interface, TAI, and the graphical-audiovisual interface, GAI, for a evolutionary alpha-numeric platform. As such, the security protocols support a geometric code for a individual copyright of information and a humane protocol, which is environmentally and socially healthy and equitable. The datalink protocol, Simplex™, works as a micromacro multidimensional symbolic code that appears like a period and is defined as an freeform alpha-numeric fractal data transition, FAFDT. The FAFDT is developmental technology within the DTGHI and compatable with augmented device interactions, known as Hyphek Technology™ with data indices.

  • 07:18 EST
  • 3/22/2021
  • DRY

The first release will be available on Facebook and The Collective’s Site. “HYPERWORLD!” will continue to be in BETA during the duration of the game in Ithaca, as it will always be updated by the developers and you the players. Players will be able to create there own mini games, drop them wherever you like, and your phone will act as a detector for those games and content. There will be content creator’s made available as well if you so chose to use them. When you purchase clothing with our brand you will receive a secure login without passwords or usernames. When you purchase the clothing the Name given at the time of purchase will be the your name in the game. Once you log in, the world around you will be presented differently through your phone and in the computing world, we call this Augmented Reality. Everyone will be given the chance to either be a community player or an ADMINISTRATOR, currently the will be a difference in price to become an ADMINISTRATOR, called the BETA VERSION. Each release will be a limited number of clothing with a unique MINI-game that everyone will be able to play with that release and each release will have a unique logo for each MINI-game. As more releases become available you must find the other players to obtain a copy of the that limited release and the clothing should be worn as often as possible in order for other players to see and identify your game. Once you’ve scanned the tag of that MINI-game you will be given access on your platform. You can collect as many of the games as you can find and being friendly to the other players is important. The game is not elitist, never will be, and anyone that goes beyond a friendly manner with other players to not obtain a copy of the game and will lose access to the game temporally. Administrators play a secret role in the game and each Admin will know what they can and cannot do particularly to the release bought on, as well as extra content, “secret access”, and extra mini games to share. The Administrators are not more powerful in any way other than being the keepers of the extra content and the secret roles in the games. Administrators will also be helpers to players that have lost temporary access through messaging within the game or location. There will also be one to five people given the chance to win an Administers role with each release. As the collective grows the more free administers will be added to keep the number of administrators in a ratio to players. There will be several releases that will continue be developed for the duration of the game and you the community determine that time. If everyone wants to play, we will continue to develop games for each release and we will refer to each new game as updates in HYPERWORLD!. Every current player will be sent a message that the update is available as players log on and the fun will begin! The more updates and games, the more fun the game will becomes as we all know, “Life is now a game, and it should be fun!” There will be special releases every so often that will remind everyone of victims of circumstance and help everyone remember to use your phone as a tool, go outside, meet new people, respect one another, be consensual, and have fun.

Current Clothing Available:

NON-HYPHEK! Technology Clothing Shop (Link to Shop page)

HYPHEK! Clothing

Hoodie’s – $223 with beta version – $446  (Pre-order)

Hat’s – $156 with beta version – $312 (Pre-order)


3D model – $30 (Buy now)

Prints – $15 (Buy now)

maybe@embeddedtag.com – product orders (you can also receive a personal invoice through email if you like.)

Email me first with your shipping address and name and you will receive confirmation for your order. Then follow the links to pay above.

Belts and Shoes will be available as soon as possible! There can be a short delay in shipping with every order.

All clothing is made in the USA and are environmental and community sustainable products, so you and the developers can be proud to be apart of something that is and will continue to make a positive impact on the world around us.

UPDATE 2: Ergonomic Diversity and hyper-product development.

A Evotionary Thought – A thought has the potential to embody a person, place, or thing. Multi-complex variants are more likely to be embodied by living factors and may be beyond the physical senses. Therefore, thought maybe perceived as a simple outcome and equal multiple variants of diversity, culture, and bodies of work.

Please feel free to leave any concerns or feedback in the comments below.

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