College Portfolio 1996-2001

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Credit”Marilyn Manson”
Credit “Marilyn Manson”

Copyrighted 1996

Based on the theory of “Instant Gratification”. Now named Instantiation Art, Example.

Known as the “Box of Iniquity”, the representation of the virtual. Titled,” The box of Inquity”

Copyrighted 1996

Original production of the Fractal Flame Algorithm and origin of “The Eternal U’d Maybe Evermore” One Day.

Any and all  technology developed from my drawings will need be in communication with my Design Firm to work out any and all legal loose ends. We will be in touch, proof of the original paper documents of all technology are made available by request and in possession of, David R Yelle.  Embedded Tag 2018

“Close your eyes, as the disinformation is an abomination of the facts.” David R Yelle


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